Tuesday, October 21, 2008

Ubud Interlude

So yes, I'm back. Back home and back to blogging.

Crawled in at 1.30 a.m. (thanks to a delay on AirAsia) loaded with dirty washing and a huge pile of books - mostly signed copies - and a ton of stories to tell.

But not as many photos as I wish I had ... as I managed to leave my camera in a taxi! The driver returned it to the hotel where I had been attending Camilla Gibb's book launch and I was touched and impressed by his honesty.

This was the view of rice paddies from my hotel room at dusk. (I stayed at a cheapie hotel at the end of Hanoman Street.)

This is the gateway of the Yoga Barn, just up Jalan Hanoman and next to the excellent Kafe. Ubud is the place to find peace and tranquility and beauty, tradition and new-ageyness. All the time you meet folks from across the world who come to Ubud and never leave. It's the true land of the lotus eaters. (I want to live here too!!)

This is my lunch at the little restaurant in a garden behind at Toko Toko gallery where I go for peace and quiet when the festival is on. I will miss my nasi campur so much!!

I will not miss the pre-monsoon heat and humidity though - sweated rivers this Writers' Readers' festival.

(Still when I think of some of the British literary festivals and the accounts of the rain and mud and events in tents, I know I that I have no cause to complain.) More to come!


Anonymous said...

Welcome Home!


Anonymous said...

Welcome back. I found this which you might like: 20 Places

Bali Homeland said...

Hmm, so you like nasi camput too :) same with me. And the one in the photo is the most delicious nasi campur that i have ever seen. I'm going to try that nasi campur :)

bibliobibuli said...

bali homeland - the food is great and so is the peaceful place. myabe next time i will see if i can stay in their accomodation too.

btw i also loved their cap chai - very healthy!

i checked out your blog too and can see it will be very useful. you also sound very homesick and no wonder!

Anonymous said...

Wow you eat a lot LOL :)