Saturday, November 08, 2008

Caught Live by Amir

I couldn't get to the readings Bernice organised at No Black Tie last Sunday so am thrilled to bits that Amir Muhammad took the trouble to video some of the performances. Those who haven't been able to get to the live events in KL or who live further afield (or overseas!) should enjoy these little tastes of Malaysian lit :

Bernice reads from her mini-book of short stories Lost in KL.

Preeta reads the (one and only) sex scene from Evening is the Whole Day.

Danny Lim reads for his Malaysian Book of the Undead.

Postscript :

You can see more videos of the event (of Shamini Flint,Dina Zaman and Fahmi Fadzil reading Sufian Abas) on Facebook. Gazillion thanks, Amir!


Amir said...

Shamini wins the prize for the funniest intro!

bibliobibuli said...

she is funny.

did you have videos of the others? i think i saw dina's but when i looked just now couldn't find it.

you did great recording these!!!

mel said...

On Preeta's website, it's stated:

"The author supports independent bookstores and hopes her readers will too. In Malaysia, where the government controls all newspapers and one large bookselling chain, independent bookstores play a crucial role in supporting and promoting dissenting voices."

Which bookselling chain would this be?

Amir said...

They are all here on Facebook :-)

susan loone said...

Hi Sharon;

I am very grateful to you and Amir for this. Enjoyed the readings eventhough I am here in Bangkok.

And I just bought Preeta's book. Amazing writer.

Moreover, it's 10 years anniversary of No Black Tie? I just came back from dinner for SEAPA's 10th year anniversary Here in Bkk and met Steven Gan, Gayathry, Mustafa K Annuar, Siew Eng, Yap Swee Seng, and even PKR MP Yusri Yusmadi from Balik Pulau.

Miss home alot tonight :)

And thanks again.

lil ms d said...

shamini was really funny! and i enjoyed fahmi's readings of ruhayat and sufian's works.

gnute said...

What a treat! Thanks.

bibliobibuli said...

mel - it was originally a statement in support of independent bookstores ... but in malaysia a certain big chain (MPH) goes out of its way to support literary happenings because they believe in building a writing community as much of the rest of us. preeta couldn't ignore that. (and ironically, independent bookstores *cough* may not always be supportive of local authors).

glenda larke said...

Sharon been trying to email you - keeps bouncing back. Have you changed your addy? 29th would be fine if you still have a slot.

bibliobibuli said...

oh great!!! my email is the streamyx one died suddenly when it got sabotaged by a spammer and the guys on the end of the phone couldn't be bothered to sort it out for me!!

Yusuf said...

It is great that these videos were taken of the event. I am just sorry that I had to return to Perak before the event. So these give me a flavour, thank you