Thursday, November 06, 2008

Danny, Fahmi, Toyols and Orang Minyak

Did Toyols come from pre-Islamic Mecca?

Is the Orang Minyak just an overlubricated serial rapist?

How did the Al-Arqam movement spawn one of our most recent hantus - the Hantu Kum Kum (: as in Assalamualai-Kum)?
Fahmi Fadzil gets writer /photojournalistDanny Lim on the PopTeeVee couch to talk about The Malaysian Book of the Undead.


Abdullah said...

I wonder when u have time to scour the net to look for stories like this ;)
It just boggles the mind!

Tunku Halim said...

Sounds like an interesting book. I hope (doubt) it includes photos too of the various supernatural beings. :) For those who'll like to delve more into this fascinating subject, I recommend Skeat's MALAY MAGIC.

bibliobibuli said...

abdullah - i didn't sour for this, i'm in the pop-tv group on facebook andthey also send me an email

hal - the book is very nice and i think you would enjoy it. (i am after a pelisit to do my housework, any idea where i can get one??)

Abdullah said...

Ah...mystery solved...