Sunday, November 23, 2008

Things Turn Ugly for Constance Bristow

Readers of this blog will know that truth vs fiction in memoir writing is a topic that has come up again and again over the past year or so, as the demand for stories depicting (particularly miserable) real life experience has grown.

Now things have turned ugly (if you will forgive the pun) for Constance Briscoe who is being sued by her mother over allegations of physical and emotional abuse made in her memoir.

Mrs. Briscoe has called her daughter, who is one of Britain's first black female judges, a "wicked thief and a liar" and told the court that she had forged documents for her defence. Briscoe admits she made some mistakes with the details in her book, but stands by the substance of her allegations. The case continues.

You can watch an interview with Briscoe on Sky Television's The Book Show :

Postscript :

On the Guardian blog Alison Flood asks whether this is the end of the "misery memoir".

Another Postscript :

Briscoe breaks down as she gives evidence and tells how she attempted suicide by drinking bleach, because of her mother's cruelty.


Anonymous said...

Another child-abuse memoir, real or faked...yaaaawn...add that to the pile of novels about child-abuse...yaaaaaawn...

- Poppadumdum

livefit said...

What's your story then 'anonymous'... yaaaawn...

What are you reading?