Sunday, November 09, 2008

Your Life ... in Six Words

Seeing how you all rose nobly to the challenge of writing sixteen-word stories for KLUE magazine some time back, I thought you'd be interested in this competition at Smith magazine for six-word memoirs.

What's more, the Guardian is also inviting you to have a go! (I've put mine up there already.)

A first collection was compiled into a book called Not Quite What I Was Planning: Six-Word Memoirs by Writers Famous and Obscure edited by Rachel Fershleiser and Larry Smith. (Called One Life, Six Words, What's Yours? in the UK).

Particularly notable mini-stories include Blake Morrison's :
Womb. Bloom. Groom. Gloom. Rheum. Tomb.
and John Banville's :
Should have lived more written less.
There's are tons more for you to enjoy in this video :

Postscript :

Alice Teh read the book and writes about it here.


Yusuf said...

my contribution; -
Dad came, Mum sore, I conquered.

Anonymous said...


1 saw, i conquered, i came

Alice Teh said...

Ooooh... I read this book in June this year. Totally enjoyed it. :)

Maxsterism said...

Thanks for sharing, I really enjoyed the video!

animah said...

I mull too much to write.

animah said...

Oo Sharon, why are you suddenly moderating comments?

bibliobibuli said...

thought i'd give it a try because i was getting a bit cross with some of the nonsense ...

Anonymous said...

I would like a convertible. Please.

Yes, anonymous was getting tiresome.


Gabey Goh said...

Was stumped, then read your post.