Friday, December 12, 2008

Cat Nap Interlude

All together now - ahhhhhhhhhhhh.

Not my bookloving moggy but one I found on the LA Times Jacket Copy blog [via] which has lots more. As one commenter there says :
It's like porn for freaky cat-loving literature fiends. I can't handle it.
But is a home truly furnished without either felines or books?


Kak Teh said...

aaaah, just like my Tabby, Kissinger, Moaner, Gizmo and Snowbell. I think they spend the whole of winter like that.
Oh, they tried sitting on the keyboard blocking the screens many times too!

bibliobibuli said...

wanna be authors? (but let's face it cat's are too lazy to get their thoughts to page)

Amir said...

Man wants to be a fish or a bird,
the snake wants to have wings,
the dog is a baffled lion,
the engineer wants to be a poet,
the fly studies to become a swallow,
the poet tries to imitate the fly,
but the cat
wants to be only a cat
and every cat is a cat
from his whiskers to his tail,
from his premonition to the live rat,
from the night to his golden eyes.

- from Pablo Neruda's 3-page "Ode to the Cat."

bibliobibuli said...

shall treasure that, amir!

Anonymous said...

Ah, I don't think of cats as lazy, no! Dogs (well, some dogs, not young and boisterous ones) have much more of an air of laziness. Cats just look like they have far better things to do than whatever activity you are proposing.

Amir -- which collection is "Ode to The Cat" in?

-- Preeta

Amir said...

It's from "Navigations and Returns" (1959) which contains another favourite, "Ode to the Watermelon." :-)

Anonymous said...

Thanks, Amir!

-- PS

Jordan said...

Wow, does that cat ever look like Smokey.

Alice Teh said...

If only hubby allows me to keep a cat or two. SIGH~~ I have intense feline craving. Remind me again why did I marry this guy? LOL

Books maketh great 'furniture'!

bibliobibuli said...

husbands sometimes have to be converted into catlovers. a little female feline would have him wrapped around her paw in no time. i am mortally jealous of the way my cat stares passionately into my hubby's eyes!

Anonymous said...

Cats are the ultimate PR success. They sleep almost all the time, and yet no one thinks of them as "lazy."

It's just because they're not ugly and subservient.