Tuesday, December 02, 2008

Future Libraries

Librarians now find themselves having to act as guides not just to information itself, but to the myriad ways of accessing it that are available. In these libraries of the future, gone are the clich├ęs represented by Philip Larkin and his "loaf-haired" secretary. Technology has unleashed the librarian and, in cyberspace, a new breed of librarians is giving a voice to ideas and worries about the changing nature of the profession.
Long Live the Library Revolution! says Adam O'Riordan on the Guardian blog. Although there have been plenty of prognostications about the future of the library in the information age, reinvention is in the air. The makeover extends to the librarian as much as the building. (In another alternative universe is librarian-me, who would have loved to have been part of all this change.)

But - I still think of libraries as places with those old-fashioned things called books in them, and when we lose that (which is happening in too many places, including here in KL) it is a tragedy.

(Pic shows Seattle's new library designed by Rem Koolhaas.)


Anonymous said...

That's the Seattle Central Library. It was opened four years ago. It isn't exactly new.

bibliobibuli said...

new enough!!!!! what a nitpicker!