Sunday, December 21, 2008

Lost and Found Between the Pages

Henry Alford at the New York Times has a lovely piece about the strange things that people leave in books - objects accidentally forgotten, the deliberately placed and those used as aide-mémoire.

All together now - You can't do this with an e-book!


Anonymous said...

A few years ago Harper's magazine published a list, compiled by librarians, of objects found between the pages of returned books -- I remember my very favourite item on that list was A CHICKEN BONE. Yum. Nothing like finding that while reshelving.

-- Preeta

Chet said...

A chicken bone bookmark?

bibliobibuli said...

my favourite bookmark was the dried frog found between the pages of a C16th book of witchcraft ... i'd have been truly spooked if i'd found it!

Rebecca Ilham said...

A used bookstore in downtown Denver, Colorado called Capitol Hill Books (it's located behind the State Capitol!) has a wall dedicated to things they've found in books. Some are relics, I must say!