Thursday, December 18, 2008

No Seksan Readings for December

There will be no Readings@Seksan's this month as so many people will be away. See you all then end of January when we will celebrate our fourth birthday in style!

I think Bernice is organising a Cerita Ku at No Black Tie on Dec 26th but we will wait for her to confirm.

Thank you all very much for your continued support over the year and for making the event a very special one. Hope your Christmas and New Year are suitably joyous and celebrateful.


Anonymous said...

No it won't. But thanks for the wish anyway.

Anonymous said...

This anonymous is instantly recognisable by his congenital negativity -- aiyo, no need to call yourself Anonymous lah! You're more identifiable than anyone else here. Even a friendly holiday greeting has to be bah-humbugged away, eh? I WILL NOT HAVE FUN, damnit, I WILL NOT ENJOY MYSELF. Funny how those prophecies tend to be self-fulfilling, in life.

Well, THE REST OF YOU -- Sharon and her readers -- have a wonderful holiday season, a merry Christmas if you celebrate, a restful break if you don't, and a festive New Year's!

-- Preeta