Sunday, December 14, 2008

A Fable, A Whodunnit, and a Serialised Novel

This is the time of year when some good fiction starts to appear in the British newspapers. Here are some things I though you'd like :

At the Times Paul Coelho writes a Christmas fable.

There is also a mystery whodunnit, The Empty Chair. Actually not only whodunnit but who writit. It's introduced with these words :
An undisputed great of British literature wrote this newly discovered gem - can you play literary detective and work out who it is?
The perp will be unmasked next Sunday!

The Telegraph
has a serialised novel, Corduroy Mansions, by Alexander McCall-Smith (yes, he of the No. 1 Ladies Detective Agency). The series has now reached Chapter 65, but all the extracts so far are archived on the site, and new extracts are added each week day. Not only that, if you're feeling a little lazy, you can hear the story being read by Andrew Sachs (who played, of course, the hapless Manuel in Faulty Towers). You can even download the episodes to your iPod!

Want more? Hie thee then to the New Yorker which always has a great selection of new fiction. Among the latest offerings, a new story by Irish author William Trevor, The Woman of the House.

Postscript :

Let me add one more! Here's a short short story, Sultan's Battery, from Booker winner Aravind Adiga on the Age website.

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Anonymous said...

The Christmas Fable is good. In my story the young man would have been blind. What can you do now, o great and gracious king ? :)