Tuesday, December 23, 2008

The tREADmill!

It doesn't actually exist yet, but it should! It's the brainchild of David Friedman :
... some people see the treadmill as a good place to get some reading done. I see them struggling to figure out how to place a book or magazine on the machine without it falling, and even with a Treadmill Book Holder, it can be awkward to turn the pages. ... how about adding an eBook reader to the list of treadmill features?
As Carolyn Kellog says on the Jacket Copy blog :
It seems like an obvious pairing. And just think, you could choose to read a haiku for a very, very short workout, or call up some Dickens for a marathon. ...The best part of all is David's name for his invention: the tREADmill.


Mary said...

This is a great idea! At my gym, most of the exercise bikes & treadmills have TVs, but there is almost nothing on! Sometimes I use my iPod and listen to a book, but that takes some planning.

Anonymous said...

How could you read anything if your field of vision is bouncing up and down? you'd get nausea or something :P

bibliobibuli said...

people do read in the gym though! i find it hard on the treadmill but fine on the bike, though i've only ever tried magazines

Anonymous said...

It's fine reading on the bike, because you're just sort of swaying very slightly from left to right. I imagine it'd be hard on a tread mill though, because you'd be violently bouncing up and down. In the gym I've always noticed that people pedal leisurely, but when they run they run hard.