Friday, January 02, 2009

Book Challenges for 2009

Signing up for a book challenge is like a New Year's Resolution you make for your reading in the year ahead.

KittyCat left a link to the very interesting ReadABookAMonth challenge for Malaysian readers on her blog (where you can get all the details and get the code for a sidebar button if you have a blog of your own). It doesn't involve a huge commitment - you sign up to read just 12 books with your child over the year, and leave a comment about each one, either on your own blog or on hers. It's a lovely way to share reading with someone you love.

Since I don't have a kid to read with, I've gone for another challenge that I am pretty sure I can complete, as it would have been on my agenda anyway The Themed Reading Challenge.

If neither of these is to your taste, Ms Bookish has a whole list of reading challenges! And of course, you can do more than one at a time. (I hope to make serious inroads into my TBR pile again this year! But then I remember thinking that last year, and the year before, and the year ...)

Maybe I should add a couple more reading challenges of my own to my list - I plan to read a collection of short stories and at least a couple of books by local writers each month in 2009.


Lisa Lee said...

Happy New Year Sharon! I am going to join you on the ThemedReading Challenge. God Bless :0

Wendy said...

Glad to see you are joining us for the Themed Challenge. If you are looking for more, check out my Novel Challenges blog which is an information only blog linking readers to just about every reading challenge out there!

bibliobibuli said...

very many thanks for thatlink, Wendy!

lisa - glad you're doing the themed reading challenge. mine is to catch up on my booker longlisted books (an easy one for me), what's yours?

Alice Teh said...

I am participating in three reading challenges this year and more about it in my The Challenges Ahead post.

1) 999 Challenges (81 books to be read)
2) Romance Reading Challenge
3) Manga Challenge

I think I've reached my quota for the year...

Oh yea... and then there's my own personal challenge of reading another 20 books!

KittyCat said...

Thanks for the fabulous little promo, Sharon!

As the year is still young, I'm bubbling with optimism that more Malaysian (not only parents!) will sign up soon.

Got the Challenge up as a sticky post on my blog until that happens :)

Anonymous said...

I don't understand how that can be a challenge.