Tuesday, January 27, 2009

Diaspora in Jaipur, Launch in Delhi

Congrats to Tash Aw whose second novel Map Of The Invisible World is being launched today at the Habitat Centre in Delhi by HarperCollins India, along with Lijia Zhang's Socialism Is Great! A Worker's Memoir Of The New China.

Jabberwock caught the session with Tash, Hari Kunzru, Tahmima Anam and Nadeem Aslan at the Jaipur Literary festival a few days back where the authors on the topic "Diaspora". They talked about heir personal cultural journeys and also about whether or not they felt a responsibility to their country when they wrote ...


Anonymous said...

"Lizia dreams one day of becoming a journalist, attaining a proper University education, and breaking free of the shackles of mind-numbing socialist repression."

From http://www.amazon.com/Socialism-Great-Workers-Memoir-China/dp/0977743373

What an education she's going to get. Nothing promotes "mind-numbing socialist repression" like journalism :)

In the end, everyone's a dictator over their own sphere of influence. You dictate to yourself. If you are a school teacher, you dictate to the kids in your class. Your boss (the principal) dictates to you.

Everyone's a dictator. Even in this blog, which claims to support free speech, unilateral decisions are made without consultation. Summary judgments are handed down without benefit of a fair trial.

Isn;t that what we're always criticizing governments for doing? :)

Anonymous said...

Summary judgments?!? You repeat yourself so often, I don't see how any judgment of you can be summary! Speaking only for myself, I can honestly say that all my judgments of you were made only after long, torturous exposure to the workings of your mind.

-- Preeta