Sunday, January 25, 2009

Readings January


Catch our next monthly writers event:

Date: 31st January, 2009
Time: 3.30pm
Place: Seksan's, 67, Jalan Tempinis Satu, Lucky Garden, Bangsar


The readers for this month include:

Iain Buchanan
Umapagan Ampikaipakan
Amir Muhammad
Brian Gomez
Saiful Nizam bin Shukor
Shantini Venugopal

We also have Peter and Markiza providing music, and Yvonne Foong will be along to sell her tee shirts to raise funds for her medical treatment.

This is our fourth birthday celebration and there will be cake!!!

Admission free and everyone very welcome. Please pass on the invitation to anyone else you think might be interested.

"Readings" is the birth-child of Bernice Chauly, lovingly fostered by Sharon Bakar.

(For enquiries contact Sharon 012-6848835,


Anonymous said...

Hasn't her treatment already been paid for? I remember people gave her about Rm250,000 in total.

bibliobibuli said...

that raised money for her last operation. it doesn't end as the tumours keep growing and now her sight is threatened. but she is raising the money from her own efforts.

Anonymous said...

I see. I hear there's no cure. I wish I knew what to do. On the one hand, I don't know if it's a good thing for her to live on charity all her life, but on the other hand, I can't see how she can afford to live without.

So what do we do?

bibliobibuli said...

it isn't charity when you raise your own funds as she does!!!

Anonymous said...

Yeah, it's not charity. Yvonne works hard to raise funds for the operation, much harder than most people do in their everyday jobs, actually.

Check out to see her efforts.

Anonymous said...

It would unfortunately be charity for me.. I have enough t-shirts. I very much wish it wasn't though.

Damyanti said...

If you have enough T-shirts, Anonymouse, you don't need to buy any more.

I doubt the lady raising funds is doing so at gunpoint.

Anonymous said...

Damyanti :

I wish I could help her though. Is meritocracy a good thing? who decides what has merit?

Damyanti said...

You either help her or you don't. Wishing would do no one any good.

Merit does not even come into the equation--let us not trivialize what is clearly a serious situation for this lady.

The very least you can do is respect her, and her circumstances.

Amir said...

It was a good evening. Iain's book is amazing!

Sorry I had to leave a bit early, I had an interview on The Fairly Current Show, where Sharon then made an inadvertent appearance! (Wait till you see it).

Anonymous said...

Damyanti -

Not trivializing. Am in a serious moral bind. I understand why my superego (in a Freudian sense) is compelling me to help her, but that would be going against my principles. So what do I do?

Anyway, those are serious questions. Is meritocracy a good thing, and who decides what has merit? and how do I get out of this bind?