Wednesday, January 14, 2009

Three for the Story Prize

The judges for The Story Prize (which honours collections of short fiction written in English and published in the US) has selected a shortlist of just 3 books out of the 73 submitted :
Lahiri, remember, leapfrogged all the opposition in the Frank O'Connor last year. Most of the stories in Woolf's book have been taken from previous collections, but as BookFox observes :
... when a version of the National Book Award winner was published thirty years previously, I don't think that hurts Wolff's chances.
Meno's book, the only small press publication of the three, sounds very much my kind of thing :
Each of theses 20 stories evokes a different and surprising world, where, for instance, victims held at gunpoint fall in love with their captors, freed zoo animals roam the streets, a wife turns into a cloud whenever her husband makes a romantic overture, miniature elephants become prized and acutely sensitive pets, and a tiny city grows inside a woman like a cancer. Yet, no matter how imaginative the situation, the stories remain grounded in real empathy and plausible detail.

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