Thursday, January 29, 2009

Volunteers Needed to Bring the Joy of Books

This from Daphne Lee:
In 2009, The Dram Projects is concentrating on bringing the thrill and joy of reading to children who belong to communities that have little or no access to books.

At present TDP is visiting a refugee centre in Setapak, and an orphanage in Taman Tun Dr Ismail.

We would like to extend our reach but in order to do so, we need volunteers who are willing to spend several hours each week (preferably weekdays but weekends too) with children and teens at homes and shelters.

Volunteers are required to read to the children/teens and facilitate discussion groups and art-in-response-to-stories sessions. Training will be provided.

If you're interested in volunteering or just being kept informed of TDP's activities, please put your email address down on the board that is going round.

(For your blog please say that those who are interested can email or find out more here )


Anonymous said...

So what happened to the library?

(oh look, the verification word is "liftibra" :) )

bibliobibuli said...

they do not have the premises at the moment so this is a new way of doing things

Anonymous said...

I admire her tenacity.

rani said...

Sharon, can I copy and paste this post to my blog, as a reminder to my readers, and myself that I email Daphne promptly?

Anonymous said...


Why don't you just call/SMS her? the phone number is on this blog somewhere in the other post.

Chet said...

But they do have the premises.

I guess this project is to bring the books to children who can't come to the Reading Room.

Rou En said...

is this volunteer work still on?

bibliobibuli said...

Daphne is now running the library for the street kids of Chow Kit. i'm sure she could still use help.