Saturday, January 31, 2009


I put up a post some time back about the MBBY (Malaysian Board on books for Young People) when they held their conference in July. But as Daphne Lee points out in a blogpost entitled Bringing Books and Children Together - But Where? And When? And How? this seems to a singularly ineffective organisation (presumably guzzling taxpayers' money) when promoting reading among children in Malaysia needs to be made a top priority.

Daphne has some tough questions for the MBBY and some suggestions for how the organisation could grow. But does anyone care to listen? Is there now anyone there at all? (The organisation's website seems to have completely disappeared!)


Anonymous said...

It is though. If you want to advance any causes, you're largely on your own.

Mr.Ashman said...

Its going to be very though as anonymous said but I'm largely with it. If you have any programs or what so ever related just post it up maybe cause I'll participate and help if can :)

Anonymous said...

OMG. The website was there when I wrote my post! What's happened to it since? Very, very dodgy, if you ask me ... - Daphne Lee

Chet said...

The domain registration expired and needs to be renewed. The MBBY team probably registered it for a year and then forgot about it.

Well, I just googled for the registration and it has been renewed to 30 January 2010. Hopefully, the site will be back up soon.

The Malaysian Explorer said...

emmmmm this is interesting. They can't even afford to renew the domain registration fees. Wow. Wonder who's behind the org.

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Anonymous said...

So when's anyone going to set up MBBO (Malaysian Board on books for Old People) ? :P