Thursday, February 05, 2009

Lansell Looking for Illustrator

Are there any wanna be illustrators of children's books out there? Lansell Taudevin (left), an Australian author living in Malaysia, would like to find :
... aspiring/ brilliant/ talented/ (cheap) illustrators who might be interested in illustrating some children's books with a Malay theme???

The books are geared to 9-11 year olds, 3000 words, each book has about 40 pages with illustrations on at least every second page.

What are they about? Maybe citing the 'intro' might give a clue.


In days when dragons flew and every day was magic, a peaceful and prosperous Malay Sultanate held sway on the beautiful island of Sukahati in the Straits of Melaka.

In those days there were many small Malay sultanates in South East Asia. Most were ruled by Sultans, but Sukahati, being one of the smallest, was ruled by a Raja. The Raja of the Sultanate of Sukahati had a grand title: Yang di-Pertuan Agong Raja Rashid Abdullah Johari Ahmad Wuji Adil Luqman Ibrahim.

His people called him Raja Rajawali.

Raja Rajawali was a noble and brave Sultan, even if he was sometimes a little bit of a bumbler. Most importantly, his people loved him, and when he was needed, he was always there to protect them.

Follow the adventures of Raja Rajawali, Princess Sinara, the beautiful princess who loved Raja Rajawali, Garuda, Raja Rajawali’s cantankerous royal elephant, Bengis Khan, a troublesome nobleman, and many many more wonderful characters in the Raja Rajawali books.

I had a few similar books published in Oz some years ago and had a brilliant illustrator. He is keen to do these, but I would prefer someone with an understanding of 'being Malay' - silat, songket, malay courts etc....


So if there is anyone out there who is interested please let me know (either in the comments below or by email sharonbakar at yahoo dot com, or via Facebook) and I will pass the info on to Lansell.

And I know at least one other writer looking for the same ...

Incidentally, you can find this article by Lansell in MPH's current Quill magazine.


Anonymous said...

I always thought 'Raja's were remnants of a Hindu past and 'Sultan' an Arabic term that came with Islam.
But then that wouldn't explain the Raja of Perlis (which is admittedly a teeny state)
Maybe someone can clarify? ...

abhaya said...

Hi Sharon,

If it is all right, can I point towards my company :)

We offer illustration services at very reasonable prices (details are on this page - You can sample of one book with illustrations done here - . I can send in more samples if so required.


bibliobibuli said...

abhaya - many thanks - i will pass your contacts on to Lansell. your publication looks very nice indeed!

Anonymous said...


My names is Andre, I'm a young italian illustrator but I live in Dublin.
In regards to the illustrator needed post I saw, I am very interested. I have been asked to illustrate for a number of children's books and I worked in animation cartoon for a company leader in Europe.
I could produce quality work and easily meet deadlines. I am very proficient in producing digital art and have an enormous number of styles, I can draw anything and in any style. Also, I could easily produce a new style or mood in the drawings based on what you specifically want.
please take a look at my sample illustrations at my gallery portfolio by


Mee Wah said...

Dear bibliobibuli,
I read your blog which is forwarded by a close friend.At the end , with the stong support of friend , I am going to put a full force on this. I am Mee Wah , from Malaysia , Seremban .
My blog : //
My email :
Thank you !

Sincerely , meewah

Anonymous said...


I would recommend Emila Yusof, whose blog I follow religiously!

Jeffrey said...

Please take a look at my artwork, my name is Alan Berman and my work is at

The website needs to be updated, and I am currently working on my own childrens book as well. My drawings often have tropical themes, and I think I'd be a great fit for your projects. You can email me at Thanks

Uncle_Shaun said...

I am very interested in doing some illustrations for you :)
My name is Shaun Lindow, and I am a 26 year old graphic designer from Utah.
My portfolio is located here:
Feel free to email me here: