Wednesday, February 11, 2009

My MPH Friends - Toonified!

I picked up the current issue of Quill magazine while I was at MPH yesterday, and was delighted to see my friends who run the magazine immortalised in cartoon form by E. Yu who recently an illustrated biography of the former Prime Minister (very nicely reviewed by Amir).

In the background you can see Datuk Ng Tieh Chuan, the CEO of MPH, with (in blue shirt) Tan Sri Syed Mokhtar Al-Bukhari (whose company Jalinan Inspirasi Sdn Bhd bought over the bookstore chain), while in the foreground is E. Yu (in a red check shirt) the editorial team of MPH. Janet Tay (in purple jacket), May Lee (in green) and finally Eric Forbes, set a trap to lure readers into the trap of reading a nice thick book! Really a nice picture.

(I put link to those guys' mugshots, so that if you don't know them you can see how close the likeness is. I think Janet and Eric are spot on!)

The picture above was intended to be the magazine cover (and do click up to full size so you can appreciate it fully) although in the end the ex-PM was featured instead.

Here are the same guys, spotting E. Yu's face in his cartoons ...

E. Yu actually runs food outlets in several food courts around the city ...

and here he is interviewed by Bissme S. in The Sun.


Lydia Teh said...

The cartoons are so cute! I like them. I totally agree with you about Janet and Eric resembling their caricatures, or should it be the other way round?

Kak Teh said...

That's cute.

by the way sharon, my email to you bounced back. is there something wrong with streamyx?

bibliobibuli said...

kak teh - i'm on yahoo, remember??

sharonbakar at yahoo dot com

BorneoExpatWriter said...

I liked the cartoons, too and finally met Janet in Kuching where she presented me a copy of Quill during my MPH workshop -- love those personal deliveries!

I have an article in there as well, "Deadlining Your Way to Success" which I have been ruthlessly following for the Amazon novel contest and some other novel contests in the US to make sure my work gets done and out on time! It's easy for us (all of us) to dispense good advice for others, but to follow our own advice(not just lip service or once upon a time)... that's where the challenge lies, and by doing so, magic starts to happen. Looking forward to a truly magical 2009.

And congrats to all the writers featured in the both the Quill magazine and Urban Odyessy KL Stories!