Monday, February 23, 2009

Secrets of the Bedroom

Fascinating! As fast as sex manuals in Malay get banned, a new crop appears and the innovative authors are using Facebook to advertise (which is how I know, 'cos it turned up on my page!) and the publishers have now moved to e-books ... embracing the hi-tech in a way other publishers in the country haven't got round to.

Well, it tells you that there must be a market, and that there a hunger for relationship education which perhaps isn't met in other ways.

One wonders too if these are the same books with just a different title and cover?


Damyanti said...

I missed this post.

Daphne said she is going, and I've requested two more of the books in hardcover this time. :)

Damyanti said...

Meant the last comment for the Fatimah's Kampung post, help!

Yusuf Martin said...

I can't imagine why anyone Muslim or non-Muslim should need such a book.

If in the heat of your personal desire for your partner you cannot figure out what should go where, then perhaps a doctor or psychiatrist, or even your best mate might be of more use.

bibliobibuli said...

dunno, yusof. some books have been helpful to me. but maybe i'm just a slow starter!

don't worry, Damyanti!

Damyanti said...

Thanks, Sharon.

Just that I did not want to look like I requested the book you talk about in this post, lol....though I have a feeling I might want to read one, just to see what is actually written in manuals like these.