Saturday, March 07, 2009

Books For Dinner

One of the great joys is to go to a restaurant you can’t afford and sit and eat with a book.
Restaurant critic and author A.A. Gill, quoted in this New York Times piece by Leannie Shapton about a book as the perfect dinner companion.

I've always felt that this is the way to go.


Damyanti said...

I usually would not eat while reading, because I'm scared of getting pasta sauce or worse on my book.

But last week books were good dining companions when I walked in alone into Chinese restaurants in Shanghai, where the only language of communication was mandarin, and I could only speak 2 words of it.

After ordering through hand gestures (the menus were in mandarin with pictures) I dove straight into a book, and enjoyed having one thing around me which I could make complete sense of.

Anonymous said...

It would be so odd.. imagine sitting at Claridge's and eating and reading lol :)

Or am I wrong, and it's now de rigeur for everyone to read there ? :")

YTSL said...

I'm fine reading while eating... but at restaurants, it's often more at lunch than dinner as some restaurants have been known to *dim* their lights too much for one's reading pleasure during dinner time... :S

bibliobibuli said...

YSTL - yes, doesn't that just drive you mad!

Chet said...

Bring your own reading light, clipped over the top edge of the book.

bibliobibuli said...

always pragmatic Chet :-P