Friday, March 27, 2009

New Classics to Win Back the Blokes

Following the shock-horror-gasp revelation the other day that women are better readers than blokes, and Jean Hannah Edelstein's plea on The Guardian blog, Bookninja is announcing a contest to "remasculate" books in order to repatriate male readers.

You need to change the title and basic plot summary (one sentence, max) of a famous book—and if the book is by a woman, “masculate” her as well. There are bonus points for reinventing the cover (as in the funky remake of Iris Murdoch's The Sea at left.) More inspiration here (though you may never recover from titles like The Ass is Singing by Boris Lessing!)

You can also join the Bookninja group on Facebook and if you want your literary updates intravenously instantaneously, you can subscribe to his feed on Twitter.

Anyway, off you go, and don't paste your great ideas here, go along to George's blog.

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savante said...

Remasculate the books? :) I think male readers still do pick up books every once in a while but the ones I know are inclined towards non-fiction. Seems like I'm the only guy around reading fiction paperbacks!