Wednesday, March 25, 2009

Putting Independent Bookstores on the Map ...

... quite literally!

The Millions
offers a "new and improved version" of their fascinating walking tour of New York's independent bookshops. Even if you will never visit the city, you can indulge in an enjoyable bit of bibliotourism from a distance!

(Thanks Grace for sending me the link via Facebook.)


Baronhawk said...

Indie bookstore... New York... hmm reminds me of You've Got Mail... Tom Hanks, Meg Ryan and The Shop Around The Corner.

I am getting maudlin...

nothing sets a trap well placed like the perceived beauty of the long lost past.

Chet said...

Sir Baronhawk

You sound ... OLD! But you're not. You've Got Mail is not that long ago.

Baronhawk said...

Dear Chet,

I may be young (30ish) but I do believe that I have an old soul, one tired by the insipidness of the world.

I guess that's what happens when you study dusty old tomes and woke up to the world at large when you are scarcely 10.

I blame RTM and TV3 news, Transtel and BBC Documentaries and Encyclopedia Britannica for this.

You've Got Mail was 1997, it was in many ways a lifetime ago. At the time I was in Miami, FL studying for my BBA, or doing something in pretense of and to that effect.



Michelle said...

Aww... yes, I remember that film. I really liked it. And really.. I just think there's something romantic about meeting the love of your life in a bookshop. That has always been fantasy of mine hehehe :P

Drachen said...

Someone should list all the bookshops in the country - especially the second-hand ones. :-)

bibliobibuli said...

drachen - and can add them to this map too!