Saturday, March 14, 2009

Why Jane Eyre Needs the Kama Sutra

If fictional character went into a modern-day booskstore, what would they buy? Would, for example, Huck Finn pick up The Dangerous Book for Boys? Would Eliza Bennet go for Men are from Mars, Women are from Venus ?

The guys at Publishing Weekly started it and then Alison Flood on The Guardian blog decided to play along. Among her suggestions :
Perhaps the Kama Sutra might help out poor, repressed Jane Eyre, and she'd realise there's more to life than Mr Rochester. And if Juliet had been following The Rules (wait at least three dates before you sleep with him) would it all have gone so wrong?

Scarlett O'Hara, I think, would have adored chick-lit, so let's load her up with Marian Keyes and Jilly Cooper. (She'd also be a closet fan of the misery memoir – reading about dreadful childhoods would no doubt have made her feel better about her own problems).

I can see Atticus Finch relaxing with John Grisham. And I bet Sherlock Holmes would have got on well with a good Agatha Christie - although maybe he'd have preferred to steer clear of cosy mysteries in his time off, testing his vast intellect with something a little more erudite – The Savage Detectives, perhaps?
And your favourite characters? What would they be buying?


Michelle said...

Perhaps Phileas Fogg might pick up something from the Lonely Planet series.

Anonymous said...

Tom would probably turn up, and then get someone there to read every book for him :)