Friday, April 03, 2009

KL Poetry Slam Rides Again

After a hiatus, the KL Poetry Slam is being resurrected. This message from Elaine Foster came via Facebook, and she's happy to have it passed on to all of you :
Hey guys. By now I'm sure you have all heard that George, Han , Sheena and I are co-organising the KL Poetry Slam with Chris and Word Forward. The event is 99% confirmed to be held at Lepaq in Hartamas on the 25th April. I hope you guys will all consider taking part, if not in the slam it self but in the open mic section. More details will be released soon regarding the theme and feature poets.

Also, George and I are interested to hold a mini slam workshop before the slam itself, maybe the weekend before. If you are interested pls let me know asap so we can arrange space and time. I think if anything, the so-called 'slam workshop' will be a really cool opportunity to get together, practice, see what we've all been doing, polishing up our performance skills and maybe learn something new. Please let me know, oh and please spread the 'word' and 'forward' this message to anyone you think would wanna take part. Fresh blood fresh blood!!!!!!!

Kindest Regards
You can contact Elaine Website via Facebook or at theloudgirl at yahoo dot co dot uk


Anonymous said...

Why Hartamas? not easy to get there.

Han said...

Hey Anonymous,

We thought Hartamas was a good compromise between downtown KL and Damansara. If you've got a suggestion for a place to hold the Slam, let us know!