Thursday, April 09, 2009

Talking the Right Talk

Talks to Fahmi Fadzil on PopTV this week is former Law Minister and author Zaid Ibrahim, whose second book Saya Pun Melayu (I Am Also Malay) is available in bookshops nationwide. (Or should be! MagP reports that the first run of 10,000 copies of the new book sold out within a few days of publication!)

I was supposed to go to the launch the other day but wimped out rather when I heard Anwar Ibrahim and Nik Aziz were going to be there too. (So sorry, Ezra!) I enjoy book launches, but am somewhat allergic to politics. Nevertheless, I like what Datuk Zaid is saying very much, found his previous book to be full of the kind of talk that deserves to be walked, and I hope that he will soon be in a position to bring some effective change to the country.

You can read an extract from the forward of the book here, and I hope that there will soon be an English translation. Amir Muhammad reviews the book here.

The launch is reported by Malaysiakini :

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