Thursday, June 25, 2009

Charlene Rajendran on Fairly Current Show

Malaysian educator, writer and theatre practitioner Charlene Rajendran talks about her new book, Taxi Tales on a Crooked Bridge, chronicles her conversations on The Fairly Current Show :


issac.zzz said...


I am a research student from UCSI University that would like to conduct an interview with you regarding of my research topic.
Basically, I googled you from a blog that you wrote entitled: The Reading Habits of Malaysians: Some Stats. Perhaps you may have some opinions of how Malaysian youths read (or not reading). Therefore, I would like to interview you through emails.

Issac Ng

Amir Muhammad said...


(or Chet!)

What's up with this blog?

bibliobibuli said...

it's another of these idiots who skim content to get advertising revenue ...

Chet said...

And it's on blogspot, so we can't check who's the person behind it and write to complain. Maybe can complain or report to blogspot instead so they delete this person's blog?

In any case, something wrong with the "skimming software" - it's also skimming and publishing the codes!