Wednesday, June 03, 2009

Chin Peng and the Mickey Maos

Just as we shouldn't forget history, we shouldn't be strangled by it, either.
In his Pulp Friction column Amir Muhammad writes about Alias Chin Peng: My Side of History, the infamous communist leader's autobiography as told to Ian Ward and Norma Miraflor. The piece is topical because he apparently wants to come back to live in Malaysia.

There seems to be a flutter of panic about a possible sudden resurgence of communism (or maybe that's just a convenient tag for any anti-government sentiment) in Malaysia. How else can you account for Patrick Saw's hilarious Mickey Maos t-shirts being seized by officials from the Publications and Quranic Text Division of the Home Ministry. :
Where is our sense of humour?
asks an editorial in today's Malay Mail. Where, indeed?

Postscript :

Thanks very much to Amir for this link to a fun writing contest at The Nut Graph. Express your ideas on Chin Peng and communism in exactly 6 words!

Postscript :

Found this clip showing Patrick saw's t-shirts. How could anyone be offended by this??


rahmat haron said...

ha.ha.ha.yes 2day is the age of easy to be almost anything.
tmrw i will wear che'guevara shirt, therefore i am a communist revolutionary.ha.ha.ha

or these thing are only strictly for chinese commie??

bibliobibuli said...

i'm sure you could be a malay commie, rahmat! it deserves a poem, comrade! just don't write anything about the umnoputeras or you might get in trouble.

katztales said...

I thought communism was dead for all practical purposes?

Amir Muhammad said...

Do take part in The Nut Graph's Six Words On... Chin Peng! The most fun writing contest in Malaysia.

Baronhawk said...

As dead as communism can be, apparently sometimes it can be resurrected by paties we know all to well to for purposes of which I'd rather not say here lest Sharon's blog comments may be raided as well.

Baronhawk said...

...parties we know all to well for...

Anonymous said...

The book itself, Alias Chin Peng, I found to be more of a historical narrative than an attempt to get into the skin of a very interesting man. Jane Sunshine