Saturday, June 27, 2009

Literary Cocktails

Eeleen Lee's Facebook note about literary cocktails made me smile so broadly I thought I'd slip it in here. I mean seriously, we should open a bar! :
1. The Master And Margarita
2. The Turn of the Screwdriver
3. Oliver Twister
4. White Russian Fang
5. Love In the Time of Kahlua
6. Atonicment
7. Cider With Rosies
8. A Clockwork Orange de menthe
9. The Last Mimosa
10. Treasure Island Iced Tea
11. Of Mice and Menthe
12. Death In Venice (a title that would make a great cocktail name..)
Can you punsters out there think of any more?


Baronhawk said...

Pride & Pre-Juiced-ice

A Tale of Two Tonics

Gin in the City

The Last of the Mojitos

Lime and Punishment

One Hundred Years of Drunkenness

Moby Drink

The Call of The Wine

Long Tall Glass Into Night

All Quiet on the Western Barstool

The Kethchup's In The Glass

Uncle Tom's Laager

Anonymous said...

Jackie Tom Collins

Eeleen Lee said...

hahah Sharon thanks for including list on your blog

great lethal-sounding drinks baronhawk! and Jackie tom Collins...

Eeleen Lee said...

I've added some more, Sharon

13. A Farewell to Armaretto
14. Brighton (on the) Rocks
15. The Long Island of Dr. Cointreau
16. Tyger Beer! Tyger Beer!
17. To Distill A Mockingbird

Anonymous said...

In Cold Bloody Mary :-)

Anonymous said...

E.M. Foster's

Eeleen Lee said...

18. Rosencrantz and Guildenstern Are Dead-Drunk

19. No'straw'mo
20. The Barmaid's Tale
21. Do Androids Drink off Electric Beer Mats?

Anonymous said...

Can't miss this one :) -
The Caipirinhas from Brazil

Anonymous said...

A drink named after not an author, but an opera singer: Daiquiri Te Kanawa :-)

- Poppadumdum