Tuesday, June 02, 2009

Literary Singapore

When I went down to Singapore last week for the talk at The Arts House with Wena Poon, one of the best things about the trip was meeting writers and book lovers.

Among them was one of my Facebook buddies, blogger Jason Lundberg, who writes here about the event (and echoes my own feelings about it) and also about Tash Aw's Singapore book launch.

Other lovely literary people I had a chance to meet - R Ramachandran of the Singapore Book Council; poet, playwright, novelist Robert Yeo; and poet Alvin Pang.

Afterwards a group of us went to an excellent restaurant called Charcoal for dinner, and there was much talk about cross-causeway exchanges ...


alf said...


I don't edit QLRS and have never been on their editorial committee.

Toh Hsien Min is the editor.

Sorry for fussing but I do get into a lot of trouble because of this.


p.s. it was good to see ya down here.

Yusuf Martin said...

Quite possibly people from elswhere do not submit to QLRS because of this paragraph.

QLRS accepts submissions from Singaporeans and non-Singaporeans alike. However, as one of our focus areas is developing Singaporean writing, we would be especially keen on writing with Singapore relevance.

alf said...

plenty of non-Singaporeans submit though. and malaysia comes very close to "writing with Singapore relevance".

but best to talk to the editor, which isn't me but TOH HSIEN MIN.

bibliobibuli said...

sorry Alvin. changing it. was a bit confused and lost my notebook.

Jason Erik Lundberg said...

It was also wonderful to meet you, Sharon. Here's hoping I can come up to KL soon!

Lisha O said...

Thanks for posting Jason Lundberg's blog. I was at the Wena Poon event and I'm glad to find someone who feels the same way as me about the lecture.
I'm touched by the way you're attempting to create more dialogue between Singaporean and Malaysian writers. Definitely stronger links should be forged and being a writer myself, I do believe that there is much to learn from each other. However, the presence of Malaysian fiction here is not very strong (or am I just not in touch) and I do hope more public dialogues can be organised in the future.

Lisha O said...

And Jason, btw, nice piece of writing! You made me wish I had turned up at Tash Aw's event!
(Sorry I'm not a user of livejournal and too lazy to sign up so I'm hijacking Sharon's blog to write to you, haha)