Thursday, June 18, 2009

This Bespells Doom ...

One of the problems with ebooks is - you can't get authors to sign them at book events. Or can you?

Apparently David Sedaris signed a Kindle at a reading from When You Are Engulfed in Flames at the Strand bookstore in Manhattan :
A man named Marty who had waited in the book-signing line presented his Kindle, on the back of which Mr. Sedaris, in mock horror, wrote, “This bespells doom.” ... Mr. Sedaris wrote in a recent e-mail message that he has actually signed “at least five” Kindles, and “a fair number of iPods as well, these for audio book listeners.”
The strangest thing he says he has signed though was :
... a woman’s artificial leg ...

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Chet said...

My Palm TX, which is also my ebook reader, has a notepad feature for handwritten notes. I have Janis Ian's autograph in it. So if I were to get an ebook author's autograph, I would ask them to sign in the notepad. It can be exported and displayed in a regular computer.

But, no, it won't be the same as having the author's autograph in a book written by the author.