Monday, June 15, 2009

Voting Time!

The other day I blogged the shortlist for The Popular-Star Readers Choice Awards 2009, and now you get to chose your favourites and stand to win a prize at the same time. You can pick up an entry form at any one of the 62 Popular Bookstores nationwide. Voting closes on July 15th.

The slogan for the awards is Read to Vote, Vote to Win. If you want to make an informed choice of what to vote for, get reading. There's a tasty 20% off the longlisted titles.

The awards will be handed out at Malaysia’s largest book exhibition, BookFest@Malaysia 2009, at the Kuala Lumpur Convention Centre from Aug 22-31.


Chet said...

I got the entry form from Popular in Ikano. The terms and conditions say "Photocopies of contest form are not accepted", yet my copy of the form is a photocopy.

And nowhere on the form do I see information about where to send the form. I suppose I can take it to the shop and see if I can submit it there.

We can to vote for three favourite books, which solves my problem of which fiction book to vote for. I have two on that list.

Amir Muhammad said...

You can just submit the form to (the person working at) the counter :-)

BorneoExpatWriter said...

Good! That gives others on the list, like myself, a chance at third!

That's three for fiction and three more for nonfiction!

Speaking of three, two writers on that list and one of the winners from last year are collaborating on a new short story to be published in the August issue of Going Places. If you're traveling on MAS then, keep an eye out for it! The working title is "The Merdeka Miracle" set in the year 2020. Sorry, no other details about the plot! No bribes either!

The other two writers, whom I've yet to meet and who are very different from me, are Lydia Teh and Tunku Halim.