Sunday, July 26, 2009

BookCrossing Liz

Caving Liz whose intrepid exploits lead her to clamber up topographical features and spelunk down into the bowls of the earth, makes an earthshattering new discovery at I Utama : there's an official BookCrossing zone!

It's located on the ground floor outside Parkson and MPH are sponsoring 50 free books a month. But of course, the whole point of BookCrossing is to release some of your own books, so that readers can enjoy them. Here's more about it on the 1Utama website.

Liz says :
There is a small book case and a lounge area for people to sit and read - although the people I saw there were just using the seats for a rest or to read the newspaper!
It will be very interesting to see how the scheme works out. I've crossed quite a few books in the past but find the person who picks them up doesn't tend to play fair and pass them on, which is a bit disappointing because it's nice to see how far books travel and what happens to them on their journey.

Here's an article about the BookCrossing Zone from The Star.


ikanbilis said...

Its disappointing for me to know its becoming commercialized. But then again, its a good exposure anyway in this country. And unfortunately, I'm not an avid bookcrosser and i had 2 of my books written by Malaysian author (one which was by Yvonne) gone in US back when i was in Tulsa. So, go figure..

Chet said...

Do the Malaysian Bookcrossers use this space? Are they aware that this space exists?

katztales said...

Interesting idea. We hand our books over to friends and they do the rounds from there.

caving liz said...

I think it needs more exposure..... and to encourage people to actually do the journal entries so the books progress can be watched. Will be a shame if people just take books cos they are free, and do no more.

Chet said...

I was there just now. The area was empty of people. I took a look at the book titles inside the cupbuard - pretty dismal selection, and quite badly worn copies, too.

I think the idea is great, but maybe not have the cupboard there. Better still if there are set "bookcrossing" hours, so at least you know there will be like-minded people there at the same time.

bibliobibuli said...

the element that is missing, the element that makes bookcrossing work brilliantly ... is the enthusiasm of people. enlist the bookcrossing fans.