Sunday, July 19, 2009

Creating Perfume - By the Book!

Bibliophiles - why not buy a perfume that makes you smell like an antique book?

Sonia Ramachnadran writes in the New Straits Times today about about three new perfumes designed for Le Meridien hotel group.

One of the perfumes was inspired by a book. Explains Edouard Roschi (who with Fabrice Penot owns Le Labo, a store that designs custom fragrances):
A book is a symbol of chic, culture and discovery. It could be a photography book about a country or a region or something. Obviously that can be chic and culture intensive. You can learn and discover things from books. If you are curious, you don’t have to travel. Just pick up a book and look at the pictures.
The rich smell of a very old copy Antoine de Saint-ExupĂ©ry’s Le Petit Prince (because it was a very French symbol and "about travelling in a very surreal way") was analysed, and ("because the smell of the book was too regressive, too clamouring") amber, vanilla, jasmine and iris were added to the mix to create LM01.

I honestly have to hunt this perfume down!!

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Fadz said...

You serious? Is it EDP or EDT?

I love the scent of old books. Apparently my uncle noticed my habit whenever picking up a book new to me. I would look at and read the cover, front and back, and then hold the book close to my nose, and using my thumb to flick the pages front to back (I'm a lefty), I stick my nose close to the book and breathe in the scent. I always see dragons and magic and sword fights whenever I do this, regardless whether I have my eyes opened or closed. One of the reasons I choose paperback over hardcovers. It's freaky hard to flick the pages!.

If I can't spray this on myself, I'm gonna get the perfume to spray in my car! Only if they get the scent right, though.