Sunday, July 05, 2009

Making Ripples

I approach writing much as I would approach the acquiring of any new skill. Learn the basics, check out what the pros do, practise, get some feedback, then go back through the cycle again. Learn more, read some more, write some more, and try to have some fun along the way.
Frank O'Connor shortlisted author Shih-Li Kow talks to Daphne Lee in Starmag about writing her collection Ripples, and about how she writes and gets her ideas.

And I review the book here. The last line of the review has changed, and I intended it to read :
The best pieces in the collection display Kow as an intelligent and subtle short story writer, with a firm grip on her craft. She is an excellent prose stylist, and there’s a musicality in her writing which makes it seems effortless. Ripples confirms her as one of the best writers in the form in the country, and one feels that the book can stand proudly beside its competitors on the Frank O’Connor Short Story Prize shortlist.


Anonymous said...

Hi Sharon,
Just curious. Does the publisher have to submit the book to be nominated?

bibliobibuli said...

"Publishers, authors and agents may enter eligible works of short fiction. Self-publications are considered but entries from vanity presses are not. Self-publishers should be aware that the standard is world-class and very competitive. Books must be submitted by 31st March in seven bound copies to the Munster Literature Centre, Frank O'Connor House, 84 Douglas Street, Cork, Ireland. There is no entry form, but a cover letter with contact information is required. Books considered in 2009 will have a first publication date of between September 1st, 2008 and August 31st, 2009. Books due for publication the closing date may be submitted in bound proof form."

Anonymous said...

Haha - I thought you were named an "enemy of Silverfish"? What are you doing reviewing one of Raman's books now?

Amir Muhammad said...

It's Raman who has the potential to be the biggest enemy of Silverfish.