Saturday, July 11, 2009

Ox-Tale Soup

The charity Oxfam (which also just happens to be Europe's biggest retailer of second-hand books) have teamed up with Profile Books to produce Ox-Tales, four volumes of short stories with contributions from 38 authors.
... inspired by one of the four elements. These roughly correspond with the four main areas of Oxfam's work: conflict resolution (fire), water projects (water), climate change (air) and agricultural development (earth).
William Skidelsky, reviewing the collection in The Observer sees this as yet another sign of the current health of the short story in Britain.

The Independent is running a competition to see if readers can match opening paragraphs with their authors. I say never mind trying to work out the answers - these are great examples of how short stories that we all could learn from. Don't you feel pulled right in?

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