Thursday, July 09, 2009

Shining a Flashlight on Good Reads

You know how I love throwing lists of books in your direction? Well, now I think I've found the ultimate book lists website - Flashlight Worthy. Do go check it out - but make sure you have plenty of time first because it will just suck you in for hours!

One of the lists I found today - 33 of the Best Books About Writing Fiction which is based on the recommendations of the finalists of the Amazon Breakthrough Novel Awards competition.

There are lots of fiction lists, and I love the ones that are organised thematically. Novels set in schools, anyone? Glimpses of the afterlife? The Best of P.G. Wodehouse?

You can of course, contribute a list of your own.

The site is partly funded by clicks through to Amazon, and it doesn't take more than a minute to oblige.

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Anonymous said...

"You know how I love throwing lists of books in your direction" ?

Actually I know you'd love to throw the actual books in my direction, that's why I haven't met you yet :)