Thursday, August 13, 2009

Gaiman wins Hugo

Neil Gaiman has won a Hugo Award for The Graveyard Book it was announced at the fantasy convention Worldcon in Montreal on Sunday night. The novel has already won or been nominated for several other major awards. Patrick Ness heaps praise on the book here ... and yes, I think I have to read it.

More on the Hugos here.


Erna said...

But you do need to read it, Sharon! It's enchanting! It happened to come out around the time of the first NaNoWrimo meetup so I gave it away as a random prize.

Fadz said...

A definite must read. Neil Gaiman is a Master Storyteller.

a.a.g @ moonlight said...

Yahooo!!!!!! I LOVE his stuff!! The Graveyard Book is AMAZING :)

Chet said...

If anyone's interested, here's a detailed report of the Worldcon fantasy convention by an online friend, Elissa:
Bonjour-hi! Worldcon report

It includes a picture of Gaiman signing autographs.

Anonymous said...

Neil Gaiman is a Scientologist. He's been hiding that fact, or trying to, for years. Most of his stories, like all Scientologists' work, include Scientology propaganda. Read up or Wiki on the subject of "buttons" in Scientology and in Coraline, and you'll see. His father was one of the top people in the UK branch of Scientology.

Master storyteller my ass.

bibliobibuli said...

Chet - thanks for very interesting link that really gave me an insight into what it must have been like to be there

anon - i was intrigued by what you said and googled "gaiman scientology" - this is what i found - hardly conclusive innit?

Chet said...

Something more interesting:
Gaiman the giant panda cub hugger

Original post here

bibliobibuli said...

trust you, Chet!!

Donny said...

There's something very interesting said by Adam Roberts, a noted sf author of works such as Polystom and Snow, about the Hugo's shortlist this year.

In summary, he contends that the shortlist was a pretty mediocre list of books, and lamented that the sf fandom in general chose weaker, more popular, books over other more outstanding works. He beseeches sf readers to not 'devalue' the genre.

Very entertaining and insightful reading, and says something about Gaiman's TGB too. Note that this post was written before the winner was announced.

Read about it here:

Jason Erik Lundberg said...

The Graveyard Book is fantastic. Scary and wonderful and full of masterful turns of phrase. An instant classic.

The Adam Roberts article you mention caused quite a furor in the SF community, and rightly so. He couches personal taste in moral finger-wagging, and it comes off as presumptuous, condescending, and ranty.

Oh, and btw, WorldCon is actually the World Science Fiction Convention. Fantasy works are also celebrated there, but they really try to focus more on SF than fantasy (mostly because there's also a World Fantasy Convention that focuses on the latter).

Anonymous said...

I was astounded that the The Graveyard Book won a Hugo. What the fuck has happened to SF? Gaiman is a mediocre hack who churns out second rate novels. Clearly this is just politics.