Saturday, August 08, 2009

The Merdeka Miracle

Three Malaysian writers, Robert Raymer, Tunku Halim and Lydia Teh have collaborated on a short story for the Malaysia Airlines in-flight magazine Going Places. The Merdeka Miracle was written to celebrate Malaysia's Independence Day and each writer took it in turns to contribute their paragraphs.

Shirley Ng of MPH was kind enough to send me scans of the pages which you can click up to size:


Shu Yee said...

Congrats to Lydia, Robert and Tunku Halim and thank for posting Merdeka Mirale, Sharon. Nice idea and I really liked the collaborated writing.

Oh yes, Sharon, will you be blogging about the recent Seksan reading? I felt bad for leaving early but enjoyed the readings. I managed to stay for the first half.

Yvonne Lee

Anonymous said...

Very interesting idea! I like the illustrations, too!

bibliobibuli said...

Shu Yee - thanks for the poke. sorry for being so lazy. i've uploaded the pics and am writing it up.

BorneoExpatWriter said...

Thanks Yvonne and thanks Sharon for posting it. Interesting idea, but challenging to write and to maintain the single voice of the story. I had to ask for an additional 600 words! Originally we were given 1200 words, but that didn't leave much room for story development. Most of my stories double and triple that length! (My latest short story is 11,400 words!) We had to pare our words down to the essential (an awful lot got cut out!), a good lesson for each of us.

Buddhaphish said...

it was a nice surprise when I flew on MAS to Jakarta last week! :)