Tuesday, August 04, 2009

Softblow's New Home, QLRS' Latest Edition

Singaporean poet Cyril Wong wrote to say that SOFTBLOW Poetry Journal is back at a new location :
This journal was located previously at softblow.com. Unfortunately, as some past readers might already know, we were undermined by our web hosting company which threatened to keep us from entering and editing the domain if we did not pay additional sums of money (more than previously agreed) for the official purpose of maintaining a stable site. As none of us had the money to sue, we let the first site and domain be taken away from us.

After softblow.com was down, we received a flood of emails from readers who offered to help with ways of fixing the problem. Then with the help and encouragement of Alvin Pang, a Singaporean poet whose work has been featured in the former version of this journal, we were able to retrieve the works of close to everyone who has ever been featured in SOFTBLOW.

SOFTBLOW has been an online home for contemporary poetry from all over the world since Sep. 2004, featuring writers such as Bernadette Mayer, Jenny Boully, Jordie Albiston, Boey Kim Cheng and Wong Phui Nam, among numerous others. From Nov. 2009, we will have a new selection/editorial team comprising of Eric Low, Gwee Li Sui, Jason Wee and Christopher Ujine Ong.

SOFTBLOW is ad free. Poets will not be remunerated for having their works featured here. This journal will be updated at the start of every month, (re)starting on 1 Nov. 2009. Featured poets will eventually be placed in our Archive to make room for the new poets. If you have been featured in SOFTBLOW but your work does not appear in our Archive, please let us know.

To submit, simply paste 4-6 poems with a short bio. in the body of an email and send it to the editor@softblow.org. Copyrights revert to the authors upon publication. All work published is with their expressed consent.

Thank you for your patience for the time in which SOFTBLOW has been offline and for your offers to help. We are happy to be back and glad for your continued support once more. And if you are on Facebook, you can also join this page for future updates on the journal.

best regards,
And while we're thinking about Singaporean Literary journals, do check out the latest edition of QLRS. I'm thrilled to bits because it has a piece by my friend Damyanti Ghosh. (Check out her excellent blog, with much of writing here.)

So, writers, these are places to send your own work.


dreamer idiot said...

Was wondering what happened to Softblow, after I kept having trouble assessing the site. Thanks for the news.

Damyanti said...

Thanks, Sharon. Only my blog needs a lot of work at the moment cos I have been off-and-on hiatus for a while.