Friday, August 14, 2009

The Sultan and the Mermaid Queen

Julia of MPH wrote to tell me that author Paul Spencer Sochaczewski will be coming to Malaysia but in this case it is the Sarawakians (usually much neglected as far as literary events are concerned) who are the ones to get lucky and the rest of us who must feel a bit left out! You can catch him at MPH Spring 3-4p.m., on 23rd August.

Sochaczewski's first novel novel Redheads is set in the middle of a Borneo rainforest. On this trip the former Sarawak resident will be launching The Sultan and the Mermaid Queen : Surprising Asian People, Places and Things that Go Bump in the Night. (Here's an interesting piece about the Sultan and the Mermaid that he wrote for The Herald Tribune some time ago, and some of his other articles.) He is also a creative writing coach, and I have to say I feel very sad that I don't have the chance to meet him this time.


BorneoExpatWriter said...

Good for us! Finally some literary action comes our way!

Amir Muhammad said...

Bruno Manser being discussed in MPH Sarawak. This is great news :-)

Buddhaphish said...

Would BorneoExpatWriter be writing a guest blog post on this for Bibliobibuli? ;)

I too would like to hear about the discussion on Bruno Manser.

bibliobibuli said...

if Robert writes about it on his blog i can link it from there ... or is anyone else going who could write about it?? we are all curious!