Sunday, August 30, 2009

The Winners Are…

The cover story of Starmag's ReadsMonthly supplement was of course the results of the Popular-The Star Readers’ Choice Awards.

Tan Sri Abdullah Ahmad (left) who edited and compiled Tun Dr Mahathir Mohamad’s Selected Letters to World Leaders talks about how the idea for the winning book came about during a casual meeting with the former PM three years ago. The English edition of the book book has apparently sold more than 15,000 copies, but it hasn't been reviewed in the press at all. There is apparently sufficient material for a second collection.

Robert Raymer, the fiction winner says :
I felt that I had a good chance of being in the top three, and I really thought that either Preeta Samarasan or Tan Twan Eng would win!
He says that in writing his stories :
I always take notes of people I see and hear. For Lovers and Strangers, most of the characters were developed through real people like my ex-wife, my mother-in-law, and an uncle.
(Shall I be nervous next time Robert comes to stay?)

Also in today's Starmag, Daphne Lee writes about books with furry covers!


BorneoExpatWriter said...

The Award is so cool looking and so nicely done, a cover of our books in front of burgundy drapes. When people see it up close their eyes pop out and jaws drop. The prize money is good, but it'll be this award on display that will bring me good memories over the years, and inspire me to continue writing.

I've been shamelessly taking the award to all of my classes (and even to Toastmasters!) and showing my students, trying to inspire them to pursue their dreams. That they too can win awards and prizes in their own fields, if they put their hearts and minds to it.

Unfortunately, other than a handful, they couldn't vote for me because they only returned to Unimas after the voting had ended! The announcement first came after they completed their final exams and they were gone the whole time!

No doubt my former students, from over the years, whom I've taught creative writing did come through! And those who've known me through my writing going all the way back to 1986.

I feel truly Malaysianized, as I had to become in order to write these stories from various viewpoints, which I just wrote about in the August issue of Popular Books Pop Club.

Chet said...

Robert - your dressing that day co-ordinated with the awards ceremony.

Congratulations, again.

BorneoExpatWriter said...

Thanks. I wore my lucky shirt! And that was the color for the day!

Tunku Halim said...

Robert - Congratulations on your win. Well done indeed! It was also great to work with you on the "Going Places" story.

BorneoExpatWriter said...

Tunku Halim,
Thanks! Yeah, that was quite an experience, rushed and all, and with you globe trotting, too. Hope it didn't wreck your vacation thinking about the story!

Last year Lydia won, this year, I won, so next year it's your turn!