Sunday, August 02, 2009

Yasmin's Poetic Heart

Nothing is more beautiful than the written word ...
In today's Starmag, Abby Wong pays tribute to Yasmin Ahmad and her love of poetry, which she says :
... was endearing because it was a passionate, pure, spontaneous, crazy kind of love. Whenever she came to Kinokuniya Bookstores in Suria KLCC, where I used to work, she would look for me and read me a stanza or two from poems such as Nobel Prize-winning Mexican poet Octavio Paz’ The Tale of Two Gardens. ... As she read out loud uninhibitedly, the words would waft through the air and roll between shelves, intoxicating unsuspecting customers. She had a lilting voice, one that was filled with zeal and intelligence, but that was by no means ever pretentious. ... Some customers, the curious ones, would trace the words back to their source and find her in the poetry section.


Greenbottle said...

well, i've finally get to read the 'scandalous and insensitive' KOSMO article on 27 July about Yasmin ahamad.(thanks to nut graph) And I in all sincerity can't see any fault in it.

and i feel sad that kosmo feels the need to apologize? apologize for what?

in fact after reading this article I'm MORE impressed with Yasmin. his/her life is trully fascinating and i wish some writers will write a biography of his/her life one day soon.

and one more thing. i am convinced that the so called liberal media fraternity in malaysia are nothing more than a pack of repressed and hypoctitical lot. fuck you guys!. why is it wrong to disclose that yasmin had a sex change. what the fuck is wrong with's his/her life...and she is all the more interesting for that in my estimation.

I am beginning to respect yasmin more but i guess it's a bit late now....anyway i love you yasmin...RIP

Chet said...

If anyone has never seen Yasmin in "action", here are two videos, both taken very recently:
Yasmin the Storyteller
Yasmin on TEDxKL

Anonymous said...

For ONCE I agree with Greenbottle!

- Poppadumdum

bibliobibuli said...

greenbottle - i think apologise for the sensational way it handled the story and for the way it misjudged the grief and shock that Yasmin's fans were feeling.

the story has been around for years. if there's any truth in it then, as both of you say, Yasmin's strength and courage should be applauded.

Greenbottle said...

i've read the kosmo article as i said and it's by no means sensationalized. it's an eulogy of a different kind perhaps.

i don't think the family of Yasmin should take offence. they must have come to term with it years ago. of course it may came as a shock to some but Yasmin was a public figure and i know she could take it if this happened when whe was alive.

there were some good comments in rocky's bru's blog an this- not that i go to rocky's bru that often these days... he gets my blood boiling all the time these days...these days he sometimes sound as stupid as those idiots in BN...

Anonymous said...

"i am convinced that the so called liberal media fraternity in malaysia are nothing more than a pack of repressed and hypoctitical lot."

Took you that long, greenbottle? :) people like to complain and protest for the sake of complaining and protesting, because otherwise life would be so dull right? it's a form of recreation, righteous indignation.

I mean, the life they lead, every day go to work, go back, sleep. That's what they do five or six days a week for decades. If they didn't do something like protest, something to get the blood boiling and the adrenalin flowing, they'd go mad from the banality of it all.