Monday, September 14, 2009

Boyd's Man on the Run

William Boyd talks about double lives and double dealing and his new novel to Christian House in The Independent, and is profiled by Christopher Tayler in The Guardian.

Ordinary Thunderstorms is an innocent-man-on-the-run thriller which focuses on the dark side of the pharmaceutical industry. Here's a synopsis :
Adam Kindred is "a cloud man" with a problem. He is a climatologist who finds himself wanted for the murder of an immunologist he briefly encountered in an Italian restaurant. ... The dead scientist was developing a miracle cure for asthma, a drug that is set to earn his pharmaceutical company untold riches and the secret of which Adam unknowingly possesses. His life spirals out of control as a cast of assassins, river police and corporate flunkies hits his trail.
It sounds pretty exciting, doesn't it? You can read the first chapter on the Bloomsbury website.

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katztales said...

I haven't read a new book I've liked in ages and am now re-reading all my John D MacDonald Travis McGee stories. They're GREAT!