Monday, September 21, 2009

Simon Van Booy Scoops Frank O'Connor

British author Simon Van Booy has won the Frank O’Connor Short Story Award for his collection, Love Begins in Winter, the world's richest award for a short story collection.

Patrick Cotter, director of the Munster Literature Centre, which organises the festival and Short Story Award praised the other works on the shortlist (which includes Malaysian author Shih-li Kow's Ripples) saying that it was one of the most evenly matched ones the judges had ever had. The choice of Van Booy was though, he said was :
... a majority one, rather than a unanimous one.
This is Van Booy’s second collection of stories and his first novel is to be published next year.


Chet said...

I would love to hear about Shih-Li's experience attending the ceremony and also the reading that she did before the ceremony.

bibliobibuli said...

i think Raman will probably blog that - keep your eye on the silverfish website. i will link later.