Tuesday, September 01, 2009

Wena and Co for Southbank

It was very nice to hear this morning (via Twitter) that Singaporean author Wena Poon is going to be appearing with novelist Isa Kamari (left) and Edwin Thumboo at Level 5 Function Room at the Southbank centre in London on Monday 28 September 2009, 7.45pm. The event is called Writing Singapore and here is the blurb about it :
In a first for Southbank Centre, we welcome a group of Singaporean writers to read from their work and share insights about the literary culture of their nation. Isa Kamari is an experimental novelist and playwright whose most recent work is Tawassul (Nearness). Wena Poon writes from the diaspora experience of living in the US. Her fiction looks at Singaporean and American life in her latest novel Lions in Winter. Edwin Thumboo is a leading figure in Singaporean poetry, who edited some of the earliest anthologies of Singaporean and Malaysian literature in English.
Do hope some of you who are living in London will be able to make it. I wish I could be there!


Kak Teh said...

Thanks Sharon, I have been reading Wena Poon's book and now I will get the chance to have the book autographed. I have also met Isa and it'll be great to meet up again.

Isa Kamari said...

Hi Kak Teh and hello Sharon. I'll be talking about my most controversial novel to-date: Intercession (Tawassul) at Southbank. It's a story about the clone of the Prophet. It's my critique of the Muslim ummah. Please visit my website: www.isakamari.com if you are free.

Fiona1 said...

Thanks for this post Sharon! Will check it out and Southank centre is so nearby too:)

Anonymous said...

i have the urge to kick his face when looking at it.

bibliobibuli said...

whose face? who looking? what it?

kicking face in not a terribly nice thing to do, whatever.

specificity and good manners in this blog's comments please.

Isa Kamari said...

Hahaha Anonymous. I can imagine why you want to kick the face. I've never liked the photo taken by the official cameraman. Anyway we should all go beyond appearances. Cheers!