Saturday, October 03, 2009

Fifty Years of The Twilight Zone

I don't know how many of you ever saw or remember The Twilight Zone? I was a really big fan and tried not to miss an episode.

Now CBS' sci-fi series has turned 50, and The New York Times plays tribute. I thought you might enjoy this tale (condensed from the original version) of a mad-keen bookworm, entitled Time Enough at Last. And the moral of the story, according to Dave Itzkoff, is :
...if you live through a nuclear holocaust, you should remember to bring an extra pair of glasses :


Oxymoron said...

I remember The Hitchhiker and The Eye of the Beholder! Why don't they make tv like that anymore?

There were other good shows like Night Gallery and the Night Stalker, remember? :)

gnute said...

I must have grown up on an eighties remake of The Twilight Zone. I loved it. Better than Spielberg's Amazing Stories.

Chet said...

Anyone remember One Step Beyond?

Amy De Trempe said...

The Twilight Zone always freaked me out and I still can't watch it.