Friday, October 16, 2009

Cindy Tackles a Digi- Novel

Coiuld this be the shape of books to come? Cindy Tham at The Nutgraph writes about her encounter with a hybrid book, a "digi-novel" called Level 26: Dark Origins, in which :
... readers are given a code to access cyber-bridges or videos that flesh out parts of the plot in vivid detail. There is also an interactive forum for readers to chat with other readers and contribute ideas on how the authors could revise the story for future editions and sequels.
and she wonders whether this is the shape of books to come as society becomes more immersed in digital technology.

Two problems she highlights based on this experience - little is left to the reader's imagination, and of course this is the best part of the reading experience, and the cyber-bridges can be disruptive to the reading flow.

But she vows to keep an open mind about the future of "vooks" ... and so will I.


MaThurrell said...

Hi Sharon,

Thanks for keeping an open mind about vooks! One small correction: Level 26 isn't a vook.

Vook creates digital books that blend video and text all on one platform. You can find out more about our four launch titles here:

maria (at) vook (dot) com

bibliobibuli said...

thanks for putting me right, Maria, and please excuse my ignorance.