Monday, November 30, 2009

The Time I Couldn't Make Readings

As most of you know, I couldn't make it to Readings@Seksan on Saturday. I had it all set up and was looking forward to it, but then the dreaded lurgy hit on Friday with symptoms too horrific to speak of. I thought I'd have to cancel the event at the last minute, but then I sent out an SOS via Facebook and friends rallied round to save the day.

Reza came by my house to pick up the sound equipment; Pater Hassan Brown MC-ed; saras and Damyanti organised the drinks; Chet and Leon were there to set up and make sure everything went smoothly. And I'm sure other people lent a hand too. To all of you, a big thank you!

And thanks of course to Seksan for the wonderful space.

I found Leon's photos on Facebook and have put up a few below. Peter sent me this very nice note:
I hope you are better now. I'm afraid I was rather scatter-brained on Saturday and kept forgetting things I should be saying. (Dear Peter, I am always scatty and forget things I should say!) But people were there to prompt me. But it was a fun afternoon, I enjoyed it and I think everyone else did. It was a very 'equal' readings and I thought it was one of the best, although it wasn't the same without you. The Kata Mata group brought along quite a few supporters and they were quite charming, all three that read. The 'Queer' lot were very good too. Jim read a play with an Indian girl he brought along who was a good actress. Pang was very amusing, Cheryl was charismatic and serious and I got along well with Justin who read from a promising sounding novel. So good Saturday afternoon readings once again
But I would like to know more so please if you were there, add anything else you think is interesting in the comments.

Thanks to all who asked, I'm feeling a lot better now.


Chet said...

Damyanti and Saras brought the drinks and tidbits.

Yvonne Foong was there with copies of her book, some t-shirts and copies of two other books to sell. Peter gave her some time to talk about her fundraising efforts. That's one plucky young woman.

Damyanti said...

Thanks, Chet. I also want to mention that without Saras driving us there, it would have been difficult for me to bring in the stuff :)
Wish we could have stayed on though...

saras said...

Damyanti bought everything - tidbits, drinks. I was just the driver. I wish I could have stayed too but it was wonderful how people rallied around.
Glad you're feeling better, Sharon.