Sunday, December 13, 2009

Gifts for Book-lovers and Newbie Writers

Here are some more great Christmas presents for the book lover - this time from The New Yorker*.

I loved the bookcase wallpaper (left - all the ambience, no dusting!) from Spring Designs, and Brian Dettmer's book sculptures. The Book City Jackets are a stylish way of hiding the real title of the book you are reading from the world (so yes, there is a way to read banned books on the LRT!).

The Lovely Rita bookshelves are gorgeous and I want them on my walls.

If it is the newbie-writer in your life that you want to buy a gift for, Margaret Atwood has produced a list of the 10 perfect presents.

One book I have to treat myself to (although it looks as if I'll have to trawl for a second-hand copy) is Mortifications : Writers and their Public Shame compiled by Robin Roberston. Says Atwood :
Everything awful that may happen to you in public has already happened to someone else, almost. Add to the list (I hope not).
(*This link was very kindly forwarded to me by Lydia Chai.)


Chet said...

There's a dessert shop in 1 Utama, near Cold Storage, called Honeymoon that has bookshelf wallpaper.

katztales said...

I'm thinking more of closed bookcases to limit dust!

Catherine said...

I love the bookshelf wallpaper idea. And for a more technological gift for the book lover, how about an audiobook short story? You can find them at
Loads of wonderful little gems read by fantastic narrators. I'm pretty sure you can buy them for others and send them as gifts.